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a couple of quick menu system changes

september 9th, 2020
I've updated the way the menu system works here on my portfolio site, to more closely match what I've done over at DigitalFoodWorks.com and Mealtrip.com. The menu systems had been "responsive" on all three sites for quite some time, but the method I was using when I originally built the core system, required a little too much duplicate code  — some for the desktop and tablet version, and some for the handheld tablet and phone ... ( read more ... )

the p.s. flavor!tm club seasonal guidebook

march 27th, 2018
p. s. flavor spice blends
A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to concept and design a new publication for a club program and subscription box that P. S. Flavor!™ Spice Blends was starting. It's always so much fun working on a brand new publication because you get to design, develop, and watch – for the very first time – a complete new design aesthetic play out over multiple pages. I definitely wanted to add a couple of those pages here on my ... ( read more ... )

starting in the middle

september 6th, 2017
p. s. flavor spice blends
In the world of "communication through design", getting to start at the very beginning is almost unheard of. Designing new branding and collateral for a product or service that's already doing business is the norm. Such is the case with the P. S. Flavor!™ Spice Blends by Pam Smith project. This great artisanal spice blends company is owned and operated by two amazing women, Nicole Smith Ramsland and Pamela Smith, RD, LDN… who reached out ... ( read more ... )