Curtis Lawyer is a Central Florida based Designer, Photographer and Application Developer. If you would like to receive a portfolio book, have a new project to discuss, or just want to say hello, please click here and contact Curtis by way of email. Thank You!

Design Projects
The SD -vs- HD Images Button
The last link in the main menu area (above) toggles between SD and HD image modes. Any screen with 200+ ppi such as Apple's Retina screens, Google's Chromebook Pixel, the Microsoft Surface 2 devices, along with many other laptops and tablets can make stunning use of the HD image mode. To read more about SD and HD modes, click here.
Mealtrip Festivals and Events
The Mealtrip.com site is a directory and rate and review application that features reviews and photos for theme park food and dining locations. Mealtrip was built from the ground up using my own content management system, with a single UI that is designed to work well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The site features SD and HD compatibility (200 ppi+ monitors), with a user controlled toggle button, similar to the one used on this site. All of the images that are not member-uploaded have been shot by myself, and are being stored on a CDN with storage points across North America and Europe.

The Mealtrip Festivals and Events breakout site offers reviews and photos for special food-centric festivals inside theme parks. It uses all the same technologies as the main Mealtrip site, and features a great Event Photos page, allowing users to send photos to their own Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Full Service Agencies

If you are searching for a full-service agency to manage all of your online and offline marketing needs, please send me an email. I would be more than happy to recommend a couple of the agencies that I work with. If you are a full-service agency or an in-house marking department searching for me, then please send me an email as well. I will respond back with login credentials for my rate card page.

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